what makes

us special

We have over 30 years experience in the packaging industry having been involved in various innovation and cost saving projects based on obtaining packaging that is cost effective, technically improves production processes and gives that point of difference.


what we do

We can facilitate thinking outside of the box brain storming sessions and innovation discussions. This would be prepared exclusively for your business needs and future. This can be accommodated at our fully equipped office complex. The target is to develop the perfect package for you our client. The finished product is then modelled and presented.

We can solve the puzzle of sourcing your perfect packaging needs. We understand the markets, the manufacturers and the opportunities available to you.

Based on 30 years experience we know where to look. We are able to source based on your specific needs. We look for potential products Worldwide to find the perfect packaging.

Packaging Sourcing

We can source packaging that can give you that point of difference. we can evaluate your existing packaging portfolio with the aim of presenting cost saving ideas. We can also source innovative solutions.

Brain Storming and Research

We can work with your teams to develop new packaging ideas through brainstorming sessions. We can also investigate the markets you are involved with to understand the future trends.

Environment and Trends

We constantly keep up to date with environmental developments. market trends and the latest innovative developments. We can prepare reports and presentations on the subjects that matter to you.

let’s meet

We can arrange individual meetings or group discussions at The Hive in Weston super Mare. We have all the facilities available to meet every need for that innovation discussion, Client Meeting or Team Meeting.

Contact us to arrange.

what our


are saying

I would highly recommend this consultancy to young and established companies who are seeking fresh packaging ideas and solutions to complement their business.

other services we offer

we are able to offer the following services to our clients.

  • 3D and SLT Samples
  • CAD Drawings
  • Exhibition Representation
  • Confidential Research Projects
  • Packaging Presentations
  • Basic Packaging Training

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OTB Packaging Consultants Ltd The Hive, 6 Beaufighter Road, Weston-super-Mare, BS24 8EE